Monday, May 5, 2014

Canamos Review

Canamos Review
This is probably one of the best herbal incense sites on the net. I love all of their products, their shipping time is great, and their customer service is top notch.

This company has delivered to me each time I have bought from them and that's what keeps me coming back. I cannot stress enough how reliable this website is because they have yet to disappoint me one time. 

Canamos sells a lot of different herbal incense and spice products online, and their prices are unrivaled. Back when IncenseToday was online, they sold 10g bags of Bizarro Incense for $79.99. Diesel Spice beat their prices by offering it for $59.99, but Canamos is ridiculously low at $47.00 a bag! I don't know how these guys are making money selling products like that so cheap.

Their site doesn't have the best design, but their products were put together perfectly. They excite me from the beginning from the delicious smelling aroma produced every time I crack the seal on my spice bag. The herbs are very soft and break down with ease, and they even burn smoothly and evenly. That is very important for me when deciding which kind of herbal incense I want to burn.

I really love the potency of their products, but it's not over the top. Some have made me want to run away from herbal incense altogether but Canamos' blends seem to treat me right each and every time. They last for a very long time too, which helps me save money.

If you are looking to buy spice online I would highly recommend buying from Canamos!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hard Buzz Spice

Hard Buzz Spice 
hard buzz spice
Hard Buzz Spice is an herbal incense website that sells almost every single spice product under the sun. A lot of blends that I haven't seen since Incense Today was up and running are being sold on this site, and that excited me very much. 

Scooby Snax, AK-47, and Orgazmo Incense are some of the old school blends that Hard Buzz Spice offer and those used to be my favorites so I decided to give them a try. They also offered a free gift to first time buyers which was a big swaying point in giving them a try. 

I spent about 120 bucks on 3 different spice blends and waited patiently by my window for the next 8 days for it to arrive! Geez! I felt like I was waiting an eternity for my package to arrive. They must have neglected to ship it out on time, because there's no way it should have taken 8 days.

Then to my surprise, I found out that the free gift they offered me was a sticker of their website domain name. Are you freaking kidding me? I thought I was about to get the best spice on the planet for free, but all I got was a reminder that I never want to purchase from these guys again.

They left out my Orgazmo Incense and replaced it with extra Scooby Snax and AK. That was really disappointing since I was looking forward to the Orgazmo. 

I couldn't even tell a difference between the Scooby Snax and AK-47 Incense that Hard Buzz Spice provided me. It seems like to me they stuffed 2 different packages with the same spice and that wouldn't have been a problem if the product would have been anywhere near acceptable. The herb was very dry and burned very quickly. The taste was very bitter and the smoke was very harsh. Hard Buzz Spice definitely does not product a very good spice product.

If you are looking to buy spice online, I wouldn't recommend Hard Buzz Spice.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bizarro Liquid Incense

Bizarro Liquid Incense
bizarro liquid incense
This is one of the newest spice herbal incense products on the market, and it is becoming quite popular! 

Bizarro Liquid Incense is basically a different form of herbal incense that can be taken orally or sublingually instead of by burning herbs and plant matter soaked with the active ingredients. 

We have confirmed from Zencense, that Bizarro Liquid Incense is not their creation, and in fact is misrepresenting the Bizarro Incense name. If you look at the packaging from Liquid Incense, you will never see the Zencense logo that is present on all of their herbal incense products, like Bizarro. The fact that Liquid Incense is misrepresenting the Bizarro name makes me draw some conclusions about how they run their business before I even gave it a try, and let's just say someone blatantly using another name for their profit isn't a commendable quality from an herbal incense vendor.

I know that this product has had some really great reviews, however, and I wanted to investigate further for myself. I decided to place an order for a 5ml Bizarro Liquid Incense vial from 2 different vendors.

I really hated this product. The effect it produced was not very euphoric and it gave me a head ache. The worst part about it, was the fact that it lasted for about 7 or 8 hours, leaving me in agony throughout the entire experience. My head was throbbing and I could feel my heart beat each time in my temples. I really disliked the effects from the Bizarro Liquid Incense.

I decided to give it a try from the other vendor as well to see if it was the same product. Unfortunately for me, the effects were exactly the same. I felt groggy, tired, and I had the worst head ache of my life. 

Not only does Bizarro Liquid Incense steal the Bizarro name, they do it with a horrible product. This is not worth trying. I literally hated it. If you were thinking about trying Bizarro Liquid Incense, I would rethink it.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

K2 Spice

K2 Spice

What is K2 Spice?

K2 Spice is a specific brand of herbal incense that began a very long journey since it's creation sometime between 2007 and 2008. It began innocently enough, being made with a very small amount of synthetic cannabinoids. The original K2 Spice blend was very weak and thus, it was not targeted as anything of major concern by the law enforcement or government. Because K2 was the main incense in every gas station from Florida all the way to New York, it also received the most exposure, and therefore was counterfeited more than any other brand at the time. 

The counterfeiters wanted to sell a better product with the same name to steal away the original K2 Spice's clients and did so easily by upping the amount of synthetic chemicals used in their blends. By upping the dosage, they created a bigger fanbase, a bigger potential for abuse, increased problems with overdoses, and more media coverage. 

This led to many of the products being marketed as K2 or Spice being "illegalized" and pulled off the shelves. 

K2 Spice Ingredients

The original K2 Spice was known to have some of the following ingredients:
  • Damiana Herb
  • Marshmallow Leaf
  • Lavender Flowers
  • Mullein Leaf
  • JWH-018 (originally) 
  • JWH-073, AM-2201, JWH-250 (later blends)
Where to Buy K2 Spice?

If you are looking for the original blends that you found some time around 2008 then go ahead and give up now. Even if you did find something that was from back then it would illegal now, since all of the chemicals from the original k2 spice were illegalized. 

  You can still buy products similar to K2 Spice, but even those are hard to come by since 2013. The DEA headed up an operation to stop all suppliers and vendors and herbal incense. This resulted in many legal business/manufacturers shutting down shop. 

Luckily you can still purchase amazing blends HERE! Enjoy!

Bizarro Spice

Bizarro Spice
bizarro spice
 Bizarro spice is produced by a company named Zencense. It is currently considered the most potent herbal incense available for purchase, and that is widely accepted by almost every spice blend user out there.

Bizarro Spice was created in late 2011 and was popularized by late 2012. The ingredients in Bizarro Spice are currently unknown, however it has been thoroughly agreed upon that at some point and time Zencense did change the formula of Bizarro. This was likely to stay compliant with the law after a change was made to try and widen the ban on herbal spice.

It is available for purchase in original, cherry, and blueberry flavors. Many counterfeiters of Bizarro Spice will include other flavors, but the real deal only include those three!

Diesel Spice Review

Diesel Spice Review
diesel spice review is a website that has been around since 2011. It has never really ranked too high on Google and most of its exposure was through other blogs and herbal incense forums where people chat about where they buy their products. 

Diesel Spice was always chemical free which scared most people away (including myself) away from trying it. I thought that the product would be as lousy as any other zero chem blend out there, but boy was I wrong. 

I finally broke down and decided to try them out when I found out that they had Spice Gold in stock! I don't think they carry it any longer, but back then that was one of the most sought after incense mixes out there. Anyways, I found out that I was dead wrong about Diesel Spice! 

Their products pack such an amazing kick that I could not believe it was zero chem! We had to send it out to the lab to confirm, because we were under the assumption that Diesel Spice had somehow snuck a fast one over on us. 

The lab report confirmed that there was no synthetic cannabinoids in the plant matter, and it turns out it is actually comprised of other legal herbs and plants that have crazy effects. Kava, kratom, and other extracts are packed into these blends, and they even carry the highly sought after Bizarro Incense! 

This website is no joke folks and I don't have a single bad thing to say about Diesel Spice in my review. They shipped quickly and delivered a product that is a 10/10! Thanks so much Diesel Spice!

Buy Herbal Incense Spice K2 Online

Are you looking to Buy Spice Online, Buy K2 Online, or Buy Herbal Incense Online? Make sure you read this comprehensive guide to buying spice online before you make any purchases!

We have scoured the web for you for the last 3 months to make this guide and save you from getting scammed by crappy stores! We have been making purchases in order to review every major herbal incense company out there and grade them on their performance for potency, consistency, and shipping time! 

Here are the results.

1st Place
buy k2 spice online

Organic Spice Blend is our first place company! They delivered the best product out of any other company we purchased herbal incense online from. Not only was it potent, but each of the 4 times we bought from them the product was consistent as well. That is a very important quality to look for in a blend for dosing purposes. OSB is also one of the only known online companies to have direct ties to Zencense, the manufacturer of Bizarro Incense. Zencense has only confirmed dealing with two companies in the past and OSB is one of them! The other is now out of business. 
If you want to buy spice online definitely give Organic Spice Blend a try.

2nd Place

Spike 99 has been on the web for years now, and has consistently been delivering k2 and herbal incense at a low price! I think this company is based in a different country and that is how they continue to sell some of the products they do, however that also makes it a little longer wait for your products as well. That is why Spike 99 is ranked 2nd on the list. It took over 10 days for us to get our package once, and 8 days for the other 2 orders we made. In the end, the product was great. The wait is what placed them 2nd. 

3rd Place
Incense Express is a new company that has recently emerged onto the scene via search ranks. We tried their product, and I honestly hated it. My brother loved it, but I thought the taste was horrid. Anyways, the effects produced by the product were so so, and the only reason this company made this list is due to the fact that it is almost impossible to buy spice online in this day and age. You could try them out, but I would leave it as a last resort. 

Every other company that we came across in google when searching where to buy herbal incense online, buy k2 online, or buy spice online turned up to be a big scam! Most of the sites are down and won't process an order and the ones that did never sent out product!